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Virtual Events and Themes? Here's the Scoop

Chati Team
October 25, 2022

A theme can bring an element of fun and excitement to a virtual event. Themed events can bolster attendance and engagement and lead to a memorable experience for attendees. Choosing a theme for your virtual event will also allow your event to stand out.

There are many possible event themes, but it’s important to consider your audience and the goal of your event when picking a theme. Fun, catchy event themes are a great way of increasing attendance and facilitating networking. Educational themes contribute to a participant’s career development. Here are some ideas for educational events: 

  • New trends in technology: technology is constantly changing, and having an event themed around the cutting edge of technology allows attendees to maintain their edge. A technology-themed event can be especially relevant for events in biotechnology, technology, and medical fields.
  • Leadership: developing strong, mindful leaders is in the best interest of any organization. A leadership development event encourages employees to build invaluable skills and grows their confidence. 

Interactive themes are a good fit for smaller groups but might be counterproductive in a large group. A happy hour is fun for a small, tight-knit team, but a happy hour in a virtual meeting with 100 people can end in people talking over each other or uncomfortable silences. Instead, for a larger group, choose a theme that involves one main speaker and sprinkle in interactive elements with a Q&A or breakout rooms. Here are some ideas for fun, interactive events: 

  • Award season: an awards-themed event can occur around the Oscars or Grammys awards. Give attendees awards of their own based on career accomplishments or adhering to the event theme. If prizes will be awarded at the event, advertise this beforehand to drive attendance and engagement.
  • Boot camp: a virtual yoga or fitness class can let your group loosen up and get the brain flowing. A free exercise class is appealing to many people, especially if it’s one they can do from home during the workday. Just make sure to allow attendees to keep their cameras off during the exercise portion of the event to prevent embarrassing mishaps. 

Event themes can also provoke thought about topics or issues affecting the industry where your event takes place. Thought-provoking themes depend heavily on the type of event you are planning and your audience. Here are some examples: 

  • Mental health: a mental health theme can benefit event participants by teaching them valuable tools to prevent burnout and stress. The event can discuss techniques to reduce stress at work, how meditation and exercise benefit mental health, and how to foster a work culture that values mental health. 
  • Community service: consider hosting an event that discusses how participants can benefit their community through volunteering and community service. This event could include representatives from local groups that benefit from volunteers, such as animal shelters, environmental groups, or local schools. Virtual events can be used to plan in-person service opportunities such as local beach or park clean-ups, tutoring at a school, or volunteering at a community garden. 
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