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Seamless Integrations

Experience the power of seamless integration with the Chati Virtual Event Platform. Our platform offers a wide range of integration features designed to connect your favorite tools, simplify workflows, and create a unified event ecosystem. Enhance your virtual events with Chati's versatile integrations and unlock the full potential of your event experience.
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Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

Webinar Platform Compatibility

Chati's platform is designed to work seamlessly with popular webinar solutions like Zoom and Effortlessly integrate your preferred webinar platform to deliver high-quality, engaging content to your audience, ensuring a smooth and familiar experience.

Social Feeds Integration

Amplify your event's online presence by integrating social feeds directly into your virtual event. Chati's platform allows you to incorporate social media content from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, fostering engagement and maximizing your event's visibility.

General-Purpose API

Chati's general-purpose API enables you to integrate virtually any product or service into your virtual event. This powerful feature provides the flexibility to create a customized, connected event experience tailored to your unique requirements.

CRM Integrations

Integrating your CRM software with the Chati virtual event platform enables seamless data synchronization and enhances attendee management. By connecting your CRM, you can easily capture and track valuable attendee information, streamline communication, and optimize lead generation and follow-up processes.
Unlock the full potential of your virtual events with Chati's versatile integration features. Seamlessly connect your favorite tools, streamline workflows, and create a unified event ecosystem that elevates the attendee experience.
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