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Virtual Event Sponsorships

Leverage various sponsorship opportunities to elevate your event's visibility, generate revenue, and establish long-lasting partnerships. Embrace the potential of virtual sponsorships and create memorable, high-impact experiences for your sponsors and attendees alike.
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Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

Customizable Sponsorship Packages

Chati's platform enables event organizers to create and customize sponsorship packages to suit potential sponsors’ unique needs and budgets. Offer tiered packages with different levels of exposure, benefits, and pricing, ensuring a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. From sponsored virtual booths to branded content, deliver diverse opportunities that cater to your sponsors' marketing goals.

Branded Virtual Booths

Provide your sponsors with an immersive, custom-branded virtual booth or templated content booth that effectively showcases their products and services. These virtual booths offer powerful marketing opportunities through interactive multimedia displays, live chat, and video conferencing, enabling sponsors to engage with attendees and generate leads.

Sponsored Sessions, Workshops, & Webinars

Allow your sponsors the opportunity to share their expertise and thought leadership by hosting sponsored sessions, workshops, and webinars. These interactive events allow sponsors to connect with your audience on a deeper level, fostering engagement and enhancing brand credibility.

Gamification & Contests

Boost attendee engagement and sponsor visibility with gamification and contests integrated into your virtual event. Offer sponsored games, quizzes, and challenges that encourage interaction and participation, rewarding attendees with points, badges, or prizes. This feature drives traffic to sponsored booths and generates excitement and buzz around your event.

G2 Customer Reviews

Verified User
"Chati fulfilled my expectations and then some!"
Verified User
Hospital & Health Care
"I was able to enjoy the professional conference without any issues."
KariAnn DeServi
ABSA International
"Attendees felt like they were actually at the conference..."
Teresa Herbic
"Chati is an Interactive, Powerful Webinar and Virtual Event Platform. I'm highly impressed and recommend this platform..."
Verified User
"Different platforms and rooms you could walk into, interactive, kept me engaged throughout the event."
Lubna Al-Sharif
An-Najah National University
"the virtual contact of all conducted webinars is a unique experience of affording mind and visual focus to the attendees and minimizes the environmental distortion"
Verified User
"I’m excited to use the Chati platform again on our next event"
Verified User
"I don't need to travel to give talks and have a support team to help me record them with good quality."
Elizabeth Seka Gray
TSI Marketing Communications
"Reach! It gives us the ability to reach attendees that cannot attend in person to our conference."

Banner Ads & Sponsored Content

Increase sponsor exposure by incorporating banner ads and sponsored content throughout your virtual event. Strategically placed ads can direct attendees to sponsored booths, sessions, or external websites, maximizing visibility and click-through rates.

Logo Placements

Elevate your sponsors' brand recognition by displaying their logos across various touchpoints within your virtual event. From the event lobby and networking areas to session waiting rooms, ensure consistent visibility for your sponsors throughout the attendee journey.

Sponsored Networking & Breakout Rooms

Sponsored networking and breakout rooms offer exclusive spaces for sponsors to host targeted discussions and interactions with attendees. These dedicated rooms facilitate in-depth conversations and connections, allowing sponsors to establish meaningful relationships with potential clients or partners.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Equip your sponsors with valuable insights into their ROI through Chati's advanced analytics and reporting tools. Track booth visits, content engagement, and lead generation to help sponsors understand the effectiveness of their virtual presence, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization for future events.

Virtual Swag Bags

Offer your attendees a unique and memorable experience by providing virtual swag bags or pre-populated briefcases filled with sponsored digital assets. From discount codes and e-books to exclusive content and offers, these virtual giveaways enhance engagement and leave a lasting impression.
Chati's comprehensive features and customizable packages cater to various sponsorship needs, ensuring maximum visibility, revenue generation, and valuable partnerships. Empower your sponsors to make the most of the virtual event landscape and create unforgettable experiences for your attendees.
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