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of Virtual Events for Education with Chati

Virtual events have become a powerful solution for educational institutions looking to transform their approach to teaching, learning, and engagement.

With Chati, educators can create immersive and interactive virtual experiences that connect with students, parents, faculty, and other stakeholders.

Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

The Chati virtual event platform offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, whether it's hosting virtual conferences, virtual classrooms, webinars, or other educational events.

Virtual Events for Education

Virtual Events for Education

Virtual events offer endless possibilities for educational institutions to enhance their teaching methodologies, reach wider audiences, and provide valuable educational experiences. From virtual open houses and orientations to virtual graduation ceremonies and alumni events, the Chati platform provides the tools to host a variety of educational events that engage and inspire.

Virtual Conferences and Workshops

Virtual Conferences and Workshops

Chati's virtual event platform empowers educational institutions to host virtual conferences and workshops, bringing together educators, researchers, and students from around the world. With customizable virtual spaces, live chat and video networking features, and interactive sessions, virtual conferences and workshops foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development.

Virtual Classrooms and Webinars

Virtual Classrooms and Webinars

Take education beyond the physical walls of a classroom with Chati's virtual classroom and webinar features. Educators can create interactive learning environments where students can participate in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate on projects. Webinars provide a platform for delivering lectures, conducting training sessions, hosting guest speakers, reaching students globally, and promoting lifelong learning.

Parent-Teacher Conferences and Meetings

Parent-Teacher Conferences
and Meetings

Chati's virtual event platform facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between parents and teachers. Virtual parent-teacher conferences and meetings allow for convenient and efficient discussions about students' progress, goals, and challenges. With features like live chat and video networking, parents and teachers can connect and address concerns in real time, enhancing parental involvement and support.

Virtual Career Fairs and Alumni Events

Virtual Career Fairs and Alumni Events

Prepare students for the future by hosting virtual career fairs and alumni events. Chati's platform enables educational institutions to connect students with employers, industry professionals, and alumni for networking, internships, and job opportunities. Virtual career fairs provide a convenient and efficient way to explore career paths and make meaningful connections.

Campus Customization

Campus Customization

Chati's platform allows educational institutions to customize virtual spaces and templates to match their branding and create a consistent experience for attendees. From incorporating logos and colors to designing virtual environments that resemble physical campuses, Chati enables educational institutions to create a familiar and engaging environment for students, faculty, and other participants.

Integration and Collaboration

Integration and Collaboration

Chati's platform integrates seamlessly with other educational tools and systems, including learning management systems (LMS), video conferencing platforms, and CRM software. This integration streamlines workflows, enhances data sharing, and ensures a cohesive and efficient virtual learning ecosystem.

CE Credits for Laboratory Professionals

Continuing Education Credits for Laboratory Professionals

Chati has partnered with Labroots, the leading scientific social networking website, to offer Continuing Education (CE) credits for licensed or certified laboratory professionals through Professional Acknowledgment for Continuing Education (P.A.C.E.) CE's. Recognized in all states and countries except Florida, Chati also offers Florida CEs through the State of Florida CE Broker.

Laboratory professionals can participate in virtual events and webinars to earn P.A.C.E. or Florida CE credits, meeting their educational requirements and ensuring professional acknowledgment.

Participants will be asked to do an evaluation of the speaker for confirmation of attendance at the presentation and then be provided with a certificate that can be printed out for their records.

CEUs for Genetics Counselors

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Genetics Counselors

For genetics counselors seeking recertification, through the Labroots partnership, Chati provides CEUs approved by the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC).

Attendees of educational events with content targeted specifically to genetic counselors can earn CEUs by taking quizzes, passing evaluations, and submitting a fee for their CEU certificate. These CEUs are essential for maintaining the credentials and expertise of genetics counselors.

RACE Credits

American Association of Veterinary State Boards Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) Credits

Through the Labroots partnership, Chati caters to the needs of Laboratory Animal Science professionals by offering RACE credits approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.

Attendees can participate in animal laboratory science centered sessions to meet their credit requirements, enhancing their knowledge and skills in laboratory animal science.
Virtual events have emerged as a game-changer in the field of education, enabling educational institutions to overcome geographical barriers, engage students in new ways, and expand their reach globally. With the Chati virtual event platform, educational institutions can harness the power of virtual events to deliver impactful learning experiences, foster collaboration, and shape the future of education.

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Pablo Daniel Vallecorsa
Chati is an invaluable tool for event organizers and attendees alike.
Xavier Escoté
Eurecat - Centro Tecnológico de Catalunya
The interface is very comprehensive and user-friendl
Dr. Christine Paszko
Accelerated Technology Laboratories
"...intuitive and very easy to use..."
Verified User
"Chati hosted events help me to connect with peers and product specialists in real time."
"I was amazed by the platform"
Paul Riley
Diagnostica Stago
"The graphic layouts and functionality are very beautiful, and the platform is robust and easy to use."
Anubha Bajaj
"Events work well and are well organized."
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"Different platforms and rooms you could walk into, interactive, kept me engaged throughout the event."
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Hospital & Health Care
"I have participated in a few of these events and this one was very easy to use."
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