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Revolutionizing Retail: The Power of Virtual Events

Through virtual product launches and trade shows, Chati's virtual event platform allows retailers to promote their brands and showcase their products. The platform also enables retailers to conduct and share market research studies, gather valuable customer feedback, and engage with customers more effectively and personally. 

By leveraging Chati's virtual event platform, retailers can establish themselves as innovative and forward-thinking in their industry, building strong relationships with their customers and partners.

Retailers can enjoy a host of benefits with a virtual event platform, like:

Increased global reach

Customizable event exhibits and auditoriums for brand awareness

Interactive features like real-time chat and live polls for better customer/consumer feedback

Web conferencing tools to showcase products and conduct live demos

Opportunities to collaborate with industry thought leaders and peers

G2 Customer Reviews

Xavier Epiral
"The Chati support team is like no other we have experienced so far."
Lubna Al-Sharif
An-Najah National University
"the virtual contact of all conducted webinars is a unique experience of affording mind and visual focus to the attendees and minimizes the environmental distortion"
Anubha Bajaj
"Events work well and are well organized."
Robert Gemme
"Very easy to use and demonstrate to others. "
Verified User
"Different platforms and rooms you could walk into, interactive, kept me engaged throughout the event."
Nuno L.
"I liked every aspect of Chati services. Ease to use, implement and integrate."
Verified User
"Chati fulfilled my expectations and then some!"
Teresa Herbic
"Chati is an Interactive, Powerful Webinar and Virtual Event Platform. I'm highly impressed and recommend this platform..."

Product Launches

Product Launches

Chati's virtual event platform provides retailers with a unique opportunity to launch products globally through an immersive and interactive experience. Retailers can showcase product features and benefits, offer demonstrations, and provide real-time Q&A sessions with attendees. Launching products through virtual events can help retailers reach a broader audience and generate excitement for their brand.



Virtual trade shows enable retailers to showcase their products and connect with industry professionals on a global scale. Chati's platform allows retailers to create customized virtual exhibit booths with interactive features, such as live product demos and real-time chats. This cost-effective solution eliminates the need for travel and venue rentals associated with physical trade shows. By leveraging virtual trade shows, retailers can increase brand awareness, generate leads, and build relationships with potential customers and partners worldwide.

Webinars & Workshops

Webinars & Workshops

Retailers can use virtual webinars and workshops to conduct and share market research, as well as train and educate customers, partners, and employees about new products. Through a virtual event platform like Chati, retailers can offer live or pre-recorded webinars or workshops on a range of topics such as product features, customer service, and industry trends.

Bring Market Research to the Next Level

Bring Market Research to the Next Level

Chati's virtual event platform enables retailers to conduct cost-effective virtual market research studies and gather customer feedback worldwide. Using web conferencing tools, interactive polls, and real-time surveys, retailers can get insights into customer needs and preferences and make data-driven decisions to improve their products and services. Virtual focus groups and panel discussions also provide valuable feedback to increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

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