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In academia and universities, virtual events have transformed the way individuals connect and share knowledge. Embracing the digital landscape, these events enable educators, students, and scholars to collaborate, learn, and interact with global experts, fostering innovation and growth.

Academic Virtual Events Offer:

Flexible learning environments

Collaborative research opportunities

Enhanced networking possibilities

Eco-friendly approach

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"Chati hosted events help me to connect with peers and product specialists in real time."
Robert Gemme
"Very easy to use and demonstrate to others. "
Nuno L.
"I liked every aspect of Chati services. Ease to use, implement and integrate."
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I like Chati's accesibility and the fact it is fast and user friendly
Elizabeth Seka Gray
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"Reach! It gives us the ability to reach attendees that cannot attend in person to our conference."
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"Lots of benefits/deliverables for these events."
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Chati is a fantastic platform to follow webinars and seminars.
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Chati was easy to navigate through and access the talks.
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It was easy to pull reports and see the attendee engagement within the event.

Virtual Academic Conferences

Virtual Academic Conferences

Virtual academic conferences bring together scholars, researchers, and global educators to share their research findings, discuss emerging trends, and collaborate on innovative projects. These events typically feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, fostering knowledge exchange and networking within the academic community.

Online Workshops and Training Sessions

Online Workshops and Training Sessions

Online workshops and training sessions offer educators, students, and professionals the opportunity to develop and refine their skills in various disciplines. These virtual events can range from hands-on demonstrations of new teaching techniques to lectures on cutting-edge research methodologies, providing a convenient way for participants to stay current in their fields and expand their skillsets.

Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual job fairs facilitate connections between employers and job seekers in the academic and education sectors. These events often feature virtual booths from universities, research institutions, and educational organizations, providing attendees with information about job openings, career opportunities, and professional development resources. Virtual job fairs may also include live presentations, Q&A sessions, and one-on-one networking opportunities.

Online Lecture Series

Online Lecture Series

Online lecture series are virtual events that feature expert speakers discussing a wide range of topics related to academia and education. These events offer attendees the opportunity to learn from renowned scholars, industry leaders, and experienced practitioners, fostering intellectual growth and sparking new ideas.

Virtual Student Competitions and Showcases

Virtual Student Competitions and Showcases

Virtual student competitions and showcases provide a platform for students to present their academic work, research projects, or creative endeavors to a wider audience. These events often involve live presentations, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to engage with the participants and learn about the latest innovations and accomplishments in their fields.

CE Credits for Laboratory Professionals

Continuing Education Credits for Laboratory Professionals

Chati has partnered with Labroots, the leading scientific social networking website, to offer Continuing Education (CE) credits for licensed or certified laboratory professionals through Professional Acknowledgment for Continuing Education (P.A.C.E.) CE's. Recognized in all states and countries except Florida, Chati also offers Florida CEs through the State of Florida CE Broker.

Laboratory professionals can participate in virtual events and webinars to earn P.A.C.E. or Florida CE credits, meeting their educational requirements and ensuring professional acknowledgment.

Participants will be asked to do an evaluation of the speaker for confirmation of attendance at the presentation and then be provided with a certificate that can be printed out for their records.

CEUs for Genetics Counselors

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Genetics Counselors

For genetics counselors seeking recertification, through the Labroots partnership, Chati provides CEUs approved by the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC).

Attendees of educational events with content targeted specifically to genetic counselors can earn CEUs by taking quizzes, passing evaluations, and submitting a fee for their CEU certificate. These CEUs are essential for maintaining the credentials and expertise of genetics counselors.

RACE Credits

American Association of Veterinary State Boards Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) Credits

Through the Labroots partnership, Chati caters to the needs of Laboratory Animal Science professionals by offering RACE credits approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.

Attendees can participate in animal laboratory science centered sessions to meet their credit requirements, enhancing their knowledge and skills in laboratory animal science.

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