Comprehensive Content Management

Chati content management is innovative and user friendly designed to streamline the creation, organization, and distribution of your event content. The attendee experience is central to Chati’s content management solutions, ensuring an unmatched virtual event experience.
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Personalized ‘Agenda Builder’

Enhancing the attendee experience, Chati’s ‘Agenda Builder’ allows attendees to customize their event experience. Agenda Builder’ is intuitive to use, where Add a Webcast, Visit a Booth, 1:1 Meeting, Staff My Booth, and Do Not Disturb can be added to and removed from the attendee’s agenda, resulting in a personalized virtual event experience.

Attendee Briefcases

Efficiently share digital assets with attendees directly to their personalized virtual briefcases. Attendees can collect, review, and organize materials, creating a convenient hub for all event-related content, which enhances engagement and knowledge retention throughout the virtual event.

Multi-Format Support

Easily incorporate various content formats into your virtual event, including text, images, and video. Chati's multi-format support ensures that your content is engaging, dynamic, and accessible to all attendees.

On-Demand Content

Maximize the value of your event content by offering on-demand access. Attendees can revisit key sessions, explore additional resources, or catch up on missed content, extending the impact and reach of your event.

Content Analytics

Gain insights into your content performance with Chati's advanced analytics tools. Track views, downloads, and engagement metrics, allowing you to optimize your content strategies and enhance the overall event experience.
Chati offers various tools to simplify content organization and distribution, ensuring an interactive and engaging virtual event experience. Our content management solutions curate a personalized experience for attendees.
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