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Chati was created, built, and staffed by seasoned professionals dedicated to enhancing your virtual events.

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Mark Dennis

Deputy Director of Conference Services
The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.
Chati was a great experience. Attendees felt that they were actually participating in an in-person meeting.

Verified User in Biotechnology

Geoffrey Cassell

Senior Market/Business Development Manager,
Thermo Fisher Scientific
"Within the Booth itself, the Chati platform offers a more realistic and engaging view- dimensionality and depth not experienced before. And similar to the Auditorium, I didn’t have any issues with speed on accessing content such as literature, or watching videos."

Anubha Bajaj

Consultant, Histopathologist

Robert Adams

Sr. Marketing Coordinator for Trade Shows
"The layout is simple, and the ability to display our content for virtual trade shows is useful. "

Verified User

"Based on previous sponsorships, I had come to expect a certain level of quality within the virtual environment. I’m happy to say that this new platform Chati fulfilled those expectations and then some! "

Dr. Christine Paszko

Chief Executive Officer
Accelerated Technology Laboratories
Great tool for Hosting Virtual Events. It's intuitive and very easy to use on the speaker side and has many great features that lend to hosting very professional, interactive sessions.

Verified User

"Chati helped us provide a virtual event experience that was polished and perfectly tied to our brand. It also offered the performance tracking capabilities were were looking for in a virtual event platform."

Daniel Sanchez Andrade

Academic Advisor, Content Creator and Professor
Apis Formica

Elizabeth Seka Gray

Owner/Creative Director
TSI Marketing Communications
"Reach! It gives us the ability to reach attendees that cannot attend in person to our conference."

Teresa Herbic

Brand Marketing, Strategy, Consultant, Publicity Agent
"Chati is an Interactive, Powerful Webinar and Virtual Event Platform. I'm highly impressed and recommend this platform for the formulation of on-demand, virtual, and live online events."

Verified User in Biotechnology

Mark Dennis

Deputy Director of Conference Services
The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.

Verified User in Hospital & Health Care

Paul Riley

Scientific Business Development Manager
Diagnostica Stago
"The graphic layouts and functionality are very beautiful, and the platform is robust and easy to use. We are happy with the Chati platform for use in our educational webinar campaigns, along with promotions of our products."

KariAnn DeServi

Director of Education
ABSA International - The Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity
"Chati allowed our virtual attendees to feel like they were actually at the conference with the customizable platform."

Nuno L.

Greg Cruikshank

CEO / Founder

Chati brings over 20 years of expertise to your online event.

With Greg Cruikshank, our visionary founder, at the helm, and Jeff Pryhuber, our Senior Solutions Architect, specializing in advanced virtual event solutions.

Jeff Pryhuber

Senior Solutions Architect

Partner with a team that knows the intricacies of virtual events, ensuring your event stands out from the crowd.

Discover the faces behind Chati below and join us in revolutionizing the virtual event industry.

Chati Leadership

Don Cruikshank


Akshay Masand 

Vice President


Jacqueline Colello 

Sales Manager

Brett Long 

Sales Manager

Chad Myers

Sales Manager

Marketing & Public Relations

Hilary Thompson 

Director, Marketing

Laurence Tognetti

Writer & Content Creator

Sarah Hoffman

Editor & Content Manager

Lynn Brainard 

Senior PR Manager


Christy Jewell

Director, Production

Sydney McNeal

Production Manager

Israel Gonzalez

Production Specialist


Liz Sears 

Sr. Director, Creative Services

David Woods

Sr. Graphic Designer / Multimedia Specialist

Katie Hardlannert

Sr. Graphic Designer


Whitney McCoy 

Product Manager

Jason Adams 

Sr. Software Engineer

Scott Smallback

Software Engineer

Carla Adams

Quality Assurance Manager

Ruslan Gudiar 

Quality Assurance Engineer

Jackson Pryhuber 

Quality Assurance Engineer

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