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Optimizing HR Recruiting

and Job Fairs in the
Digital Age

Chati's virtual event platform modernizes standard recruiting practices, facilitating greater engagement and more efficient processes within a digital framework, with an added layer of data-driven insights to refine recruitment strategies.

Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

Global Reach and Diversity

Global Reach and Diversity

With many jobs going remote, Chati extends your recruitment reach worldwide, connecting you with a diverse pool of talents. Embrace inclusivity and diversity by engaging with candidates from various backgrounds and regions, all within a virtual setting.

Real-Time Engagement and Efficiency

Real-Time Engagement and Efficiency

Our platform facilitates real-time interactions, such as interviews and live chats, enhancing the recruitment process's speed and efficacy. With Chati, engage candidates instantly and make quick, informed hiring decisions.

Eco-Friendly Recruiting

Eco-Friendly Recruiting

Hosting virtual job fairs with Chati is not only efficient but also environmentally sustainable. Reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel and physical events, aligning your recruitment practices with eco-friendly standards.

Key Features of Chati’s Virtual HR Recruiting Platform

Customizable Virtual Environments

Chati revolutionizes traditional recruitment, enabling HR teams to conduct efficient virtual interviews, interact live with candidates, and make immediate job offers.

Interactive Candidate Engagement

Features like virtual booths, Q&A sessions, and 3D environments ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for candidates exploring career opportunities

Digital Downloads and Asset Sharing

Exchange digital assets, including resumes, brochures, and company information, enhancing the efficiency of the recruitment process

Data-Driven Recruitment Insights

Gain insights into candidate behaviors and preferences, helping you refine your recruitment strategy for optimal outcomes

Transform your HR recruiting and job fairs into dynamic, inclusive, and impactful experiences with Chati as your guide. Let's step forward together into the future of recruitment, powered by our sophisticated virtual event platform.

G2 Customer Reviews

Elizabeth Seka Gray
TSI Marketing Communications
"Reach! It gives us the ability to reach attendees that cannot attend in person to our conference."
Teresa Herbic
"Chati is an Interactive, Powerful Webinar and Virtual Event Platform. I'm highly impressed and recommend this platform..."
Verified User
"I’m excited to use the Chati platform again on our next event"
Jason Scott
Pro Cloud Marketing Group
Their team provided my company with exceptional 5 Star Service while setting up our Event.
Dr. Christine Paszko
Accelerated Technology Laboratories
"...intuitive and very easy to use..."
Lubna Al-Sharif
An-Najah National University
"the virtual contact of all conducted webinars is a unique experience of affording mind and visual focus to the attendees and minimizes the environmental distortion"
Verified User
Hospital & Health Care
"I have participated in a few of these events and this one was very easy to use."
Robert Gemme
"Very easy to use and demonstrate to others. "
Verified User
"Our feedback from the event attendees was positive, and looking forward to more new features/improvements in the future."
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