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Event Management

Produce, Host, Analyze

  • Chati provides event management services with the tools and features they need to plan, organize, and host successful virtual events of any size
  • With Chati's virtual event platform, event management services can deliver seamless and engaging virtual events that exceed the expectations of attendees and deliver measurable results for their clients
  • Analyze real-time data to learn how attendees use spaces, what was successful, and what can be improved for your next event

The platform includes a range of tools and features to help event managers plan and organize their events, including:

Customizable registration pages

Immersive virtual rooms

An exhibit hall for sponsors and vendors

An auditorium for presentations

A networking lounge for attendees to engage with each other

G2 Customer Reviews

Jase Patel
Very easy to use. Clear layout. I really like the interface.
Jason Scott
Exceptional Customer Support of Chati Virtual Technology
Verified User
"Our feedback from the event attendees was positive, and looking forward to more new features/improvements in the future."
Verified User
"I’m excited to use the Chati platform again on our next event"
Laurel Hiatt
Quinlan Lab
Chati was easy to use with sufficient features for my needs.
Verified User
"Chati hosted events help me to connect with peers and product specialists in real time."
Geoffrey Cassell
Thermo Fisher Scientific
",,,the Chati platform offers a more realistic and engaging view- dimensionality and depth not experienced before."
Landry Beyala Bita'a
"I was amazed by the platform"
Daniel Sanchez Andrade
Apis Formica
"Bringing together people with same interests without having to install additional software, like Zoom, I love the platform!"

Customized Registration Pages

Customized Registration Pages

Customized registration pages allow organizers to collect attendee information and easily manage members, registrations, and accommodations. Customized registration pages offer personalized branding, improved user experience, increased attendance, and higher-quality data collection.

Immersive Virtual Rooms and Exhibits

Immersive Virtual Rooms and Exhibits

The Chati platform facilitates enhanced creativity and flexibility in event design. With immersive virtual rooms and exhibits, virtual event managers can get creative with their event design and layout, offering more flexibility in how they showcase their content and engage with attendees.

Create Networking Opportunities

Create Networking Opportunities

Virtual networking lounges can help event managers to create a more engaging, interactive, and impactful virtual event experience for attendees. Chati’s virtual networking lounges offer several benefits for event managers, including enhanced attendee engagement, encouraging relationship-building, facilitating knowledge-sharing, and supporting event goals.

Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

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