Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Embrace the potential of data-driven decision-making.

Chati provides a comprehensive suite of data-driven tools to help you gain actionable insights, measure your event's success, and optimize your strategies.
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Real Time Event Dashboard

Monitor your virtual event's performance in real time with Chati's intuitive event dashboard. Access key metrics such as attendee engagement, content consumption, and session attendance, providing a complete understanding of your event's performance as it unfolds.

Attendee Behavior Tracking

Analyze aspects such as session attendance, networking interactions, and content engagement to understand what resonates with your audience and tailor event offerings accordingly.

Custom Reporting

Tailor your analytics and reporting to suit your unique needs with Chati's custom reporting feature. Choose from a range of predefined report templates or create your own to gain the insights that matter most to your event goals.

Post-Event Reporting

Access a comprehensive post-event report that consolidates all your event data in one convenient location. Analyze key metrics, trends, and insights, and leverage this information to inform your strategies and decision-making for future events.

Lead Generation Metrics

Track booth visits, content downloads, and contact requests to identify high value leads and evaluate the effectiveness of your lead generation strategies.

Session and Speaker Analytics

Monitor attendance, engagement, and feedback, enabling you to identify popular topics and speakers, and refine virtual event programming for maximum impact.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Performance

Help your sponsors and exhibitors understand their ROI with comprehensive performance metrics. Track booth traffic, content engagement, and lead generation to provide valuable insights that drive future success and collaboration.

Surveys and Polls

Gather direct feedback from attendees through integrated surveys and polls. Collect valuable insights on event satisfaction, content preferences, and attendee demographics, helping you make data-driven improvements to future events.
Chati’s comprehensive suite of data-driven tools empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize your event strategies, and measure success with ease. Embrace the potential of data-driven virtual events and experience unparalleled success with Chati.
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