ChatiConnect: Dynamic Video Chats

ChatiConnect is an innovative and engaging video chat feature designed to facilitate collaboration, learning, and networking in a virtual environment. Embrace the potential of Video Breakouts to transform your virtual event experience and create unforgettable moments for your attendees.
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Flexible Video Chat Rooms

ChatiConnect rooms are versatile for hosting small group discussions, workshops, or brainstorming sessions during your virtual event. These customizable rooms offer a dedicated space for attendees to engage in focused conversations, collaborate on projects, or share insights with their peers.

Easy Room Management

Effortlessly manage your ChatiConnect rooms with Chati's intuitive room management tools. Control access, assign moderators, and set room capacity limits to ensure an optimal experience for your attendees.

Seamless Screen Sharing

Enhance collaboration and learning in your ChatiConnect sessions with a seamless screen-sharing feature. Presenters can easily share their screens, documents, or multimedia content with attendees, ensuring smooth and efficient knowledge transfer.

In-Session Chat

Keep the conversation flowing with Chati's in-session chat feature. Attendees can communicate with each other and the presenter via text chat, ensuring that questions and comments are addressed without interrupting the flow of the session.

Secure Video Conferencing

ChatiConnect prioritizes the security and privacy of your video chat sessions. Chati employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your conversations and data remain protected and confidential.

Comprehensive Analytics

Gain insights into your ChatiConnect sessions with Chati's advanced analytics tools. Track attendee engagement, session duration, and other key metrics, allowing you to optimize your strategies and enhance the overall event experience.
Utilize Chati’s diverse range of tools to facilitate collaboration, learning, and networking , ensuring that your virtual event remains engaging and impactful. Embrace the potential of ChatiConnect to create memorable experiences and drive success in the digital event landscape.
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