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Virtual Exhibit Halls

Chati’s state-of-the-art Virtual Exhibit Halls offer incomparable opportunities for businesses and organizations to highlight their products and services, engage with potential customers, and network with industry professionals from around the globe. Say goodbye to the limitations of physical events and step into the limitless potential of our Virtual Exhibit Halls.
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Virtual Exhibit Halls are...


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…and offer real-time engagement and performance metrics.

Easily Populated Content Templates

One of Chati’s biggest goals when developing the platform was ease of use. Therefore, we have created “inline” content templates, where you enter your content and the platform does the rest for you, making creating your own virtual events simple and efficient. These templates are responsive to smaller screens, making the content easily viewable on any device.

3D Environments

The 3D environments replicate the feel of a real-life trade show, complete with custom-designed booths, interactive product displays, and realistic avatars. Your visitors can easily navigate the virtual space, allowing them to explore and engage with your content at their own pace.

Customizable Virtual Booths

Chati's Virtual Exhibit Halls allow businesses to create fully customizable virtual booths that accurately represent their brand identity. Choose from various booth templates, add branding elements, and showcase your products or services through interactive multimedia displays. From videos and images to downloadable brochures and live presentations, your virtual booth becomes a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Meet & Greet Videos

Meet & Greet videos in virtual event exhibit halls provide a unique and engaging way for attendees to connect with exhibitors and learn more about their products or services. These videos can help exhibitors stand out in a crowded virtual environment and create a more personalized experience for attendees.

G2 Customer Reviews

Verified User
Hospital & Health Care
Chati was easy to navigate through and access the talks.
Verified User
Chati is a fantastic platform to follow webinars and seminars.
"I was amazed by the platform"
Robert Adams
"Lots of benefits/deliverables for these events."
KariAnn DeServi
ABSA International
"Attendees felt like they were actually at the conference..."
Verified User
"Our feedback from the event attendees was positive, and looking forward to more new features/improvements in the future."
Dr. Christine Paszko
Accelerated Technology Laboratories
"...intuitive and very easy to use..."

Networking With Video & Text Chat

Discover seamless communication in Virtual Exhibit Halls with integrated text and video chat features. Connect with attendees, exhibitors, and professionals in real time, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your network. Chati’s intuitive tools simulate the energy and connection of physical events, bringing people together from the comfort of their own devices.

Real-Time Engagement

Keep your attendees engaged and informed with our real-time engagement features. Chati’s Virtual Exhibit Halls support live chat, video calls, surveys, and Q&A sessions, allowing you to connect directly with your audience. This feature fosters meaningful interactions, promotes relationship-building, and drives lead generation, ensuring a successful event experience for exhibitors and attendees.

Briefcases & Booth Documents

Share digital assets directly from your booth to attendees’ personalized virtual briefcases for seamless information transfer. Attendees can collect, review, and organize materials in briefcases, creating a convenient hub for all event-related content and boosting engagement and knowledge retention.

Comprehensive Analytics

Chati’s advanced analytics and reporting tools allow you to easily measure your virtual event’s success. Track visitor engagement, lead generation, and booth performance, giving you insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Use this data to make informed decisions, optimize your strategies, and drive better results in future events.

Seamless Integration

Our Virtual Exhibit Halls can be easily integrated into your existing marketing ecosystem. From registration and ticketing to CRM and marketing automation tools, we provide seamless connections that ensure a smooth and efficient event experience for organizers and attendees.

Chati Rated Highest Performing Virtual Event Platform on G2.

Embrace the future of exhibitions and trade shows with Chati's Virtual Exhibit Hall. Our platform offers a feature-rich, immersive, and interactive experience that connects businesses and organizations with their target audience in ways never before possible.
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