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Content Templates & Custom 3D Spaces

Our goal at Chati is to give you a solution to any virtual event need or desire. We have an extensive collection of easily populated content templates for any kind of virtual event, or we can custom design 3D rooms and spaces to make your event come to life.
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Content Templates

Also known as “inline templates”, Chati content templates are screen responsive and a perfect way to go virtual without the hassle of custom costs or the bottleneck of working between teams and departments. These templates were designed to be easily populated by anyone with the content in hand.

3D Spaces

Whether you need an auditorium with a stage, seats, and a full house of people, or a virtual exhibit hall with booths, banners, and product displays, we can bring your vision to life. Our team uses the latest technologies and design techniques to create a virtual environment that engages and captivates attendees, providing an unforgettable experience.

Custom Virtual Event Spaces

The Chati design team specializes in taking any physical space, such as a corporate office lobby, and designing a virtual version that replicates the experience. By using provided images, we create custom virtual spaces that provide an authentic and engaging experience for attendees.
Let's bring your virtual vision to life with Chati’s customizable content templates, immersive 3D spaces, and tailored virtual event environments ensuring that every event is a unique, engaging, and unforgettable experience.
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