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Are you looking to expand your brand's reach and impact in the world of virtual events and networking? Partner with Chati and unlock exciting opportunities for growth and exposure. At Chati, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of partnerships. 

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Verified User

Hospital & Health Care
Chati was easy to navigate through and access the virtual meetings without the logon issues we often have with zoom or teams. For example sometimes people turn on their microphones and it interferes. Chati makes it easier to see if there are questions in or the chat on the side and not cut off the presentation view.

Verified User

The virtual event was intuitive and straightforward. We are able to see the number of participants who registered and attended the event and to see the marketing activities that drove registration. It's also useful to see which elements of the event had the most engagement.

Issa Moody

Manager, Product Marketing
Used Chati to plan and host a virtual scientific conference sponsored by my company. The problem being solved is that many more attendees can participate in a virtual conference than an in-person one. Using the platform is pretty intuitive. And the level of customization it supports means the virtual environment can be tailored to anyone's desires.

Bernard Scorneaux

Director Preclinical Development
Santero Therapeutics
Chati is a great tool everybody can use, you don't need to be expert. Easy to implement and access when you want from where you want, even during your holidays.

Laurel Hiatt

Graduate Student
Quinlan Lab
Getting everyone on the same page for virtual programming across large geographic spaces was a big benefit for me.

Xavier Escoté

Scientific Researcher
Eurecat - Centro Tecnológico de Catalunya
The ease of finding the different presentations was great and the interface is very comprehensive and user-friendly.

Jason Scott

Verified User
My experience developing a Virtual Summit with Chati was truly great. Their team provided my company with exceptional 5 Star Service while setting up our Event. Chati truly provided an Interactive Virtual Platform that hundreds and even thousands of participants can access and it allows my company to review the analytics of the attendees.

Pablo Daniel Vallecorsa

Chati is an excellent tool for organising and managing online events. I recently had the opportunity to attend an event using this platform, and I found the user interface to be highly intuitive. The conference rooms, information about each room, the chat section, and social media integration were all well-designed and easy to use.


Research Laboratory Manager
This platform solves pollution problems linked to travel, brings people and scientists from all over the world closer together, and facilitates collaboration between institutions!

Jason Scott

Pro Cloud Marketing Group
My experience developing a Virtual Summit with Chati / Labroots was truly great. Their team provided my company with exceptional 5 Star Service while setting up our Event. Chati truly provided an Interactive Virtual Platform that hundreds and even thousands of participants can access and it allows my company to review the analytics of the attendees.

Xavier Epiral

"We used Chati to host our latest virtual event and the features and experience were much better than previous platforms used"

Verified User

"I’m excited to use the Chati platform again on our next event, and to keep the innovation coming in these virtual environments. Well done!"

Dr. Christine Paszko

Chief Executive Officer
Accelerated Technology Laboratories
Great tool for Hosting Virtual Events. It's intuitive and very easy to use on the speaker side and has many great features that lend to hosting very professional, interactive sessions.

Mark Dennis

Deputy Director of Conference Services
The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.
Chati was a great experience. Attendees felt that they were actually participating in an in-person meeting.

Teresa Herbic

Brand Marketing, Strategy, Consultant, Publicity Agent
"I love that Chati looks like a real live event with excellent organization of content and webinars. Chati is an Interactive, Powerful Webinar and Virtual Event Platform. I'm highly impressed and recommend this platform for the formulation of on-demand, virtual, and live online events."

KariAnn DeServi

Director of Education
ABSA International
"Chati allowed our virtual attendees to feel like they were actually at the conference with the customizable platform."

Paul Riley

Scientific Business Development Manager
Diagnostica Stago
"The graphic layouts and functionality are very beautiful, and the platform is robust and easy to use. We are happy with the Chati platform for use in our educational webinar campaigns, along with promotions of our products."

Geoffrey Cassell

Senior Market/Business Development Manager,
Thermo Fisher Scientific
"Within the Booth itself, the Chati platform offers a more realistic and engaging view- dimensionality and depth not experienced before. And similar to the Auditorium, I didn’t have any issues with speed on accessing content such as literature, or watching videos."

Verified User

"Based on previous sponsorships, I had come to expect a certain level of quality within the virtual environment. I’m happy to say that this new platform Chati fulfilled those expectations and then some! "

Robert Adams

Sr. Marketing Coordinator for Trade Shows
"The layout is simple, and the ability to display our content for virtual trade shows is useful. "

Elizabeth Seka Gray

Owner/Creative Director
TSI Marketing Communications
"Reach! It gives us the ability to reach attendees that cannot attend in person to our conference."

Verified User

"Chati helped us provide a virtual event experience that was polished and perfectly tied to our brand. It also offered the performance tracking capabilities were were looking for in a virtual event platform."
Why Partner with Chati?
By teaming up with us, you can tap into a vast network of virtual event enthusiasts, professionals, and attendees. Together, we can create memorable experiences and foster meaningful connections in the digital landscape.

Some benefits of a media partnership with Chati include:
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Reach a Global Audience

Reach a Global Audience

Chati hosts virtual events that attract a diverse, global audience. Partnering with us means gaining access to a vast and engaged community of attendees.

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility

As a media partner, your brand will be prominently featured on our platform and promotional materials. You'll benefit from increased visibility and recognition.

Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration

We welcome opportunities for content collaboration, such as guest articles, interviews, and webinars. Share your expertise and insights with our audience.

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry leaders, influencers, and professionals through our virtual events. Strengthen your network and explore potential collaborations.

Our Current Media Partners

We are proud to collaborate with esteemed media partners who share our commitment to delivering valuable insights, engaging content, and exceptional event experiences. Our current media partners include:
Maximize engagement and accessibility with AI-Media’s AI-powered, high accuracy captioning solutions.
Brella provides production services and strategic learning and communications guidance for organizations looking to forge profound, durable relationships that support their critical objectives.
Event Planner News is a central hub for event planners to stay up-to-date, learn from peers, and discover new resources. A unique website dedicated to the event industry community.
GlobalMeet provides webcasting solutions that inspire & connect audiences. Plan, manage and execute your business’s most important moments using the most secure and reliable virtual events platform.
Engaging and collaborative web conferencing with enterprise-grade security – perfect for a work-wherever world.
Grind Vine Consulting provides comprehensive support, including identifying key performance indicators, strategic planning, vendor management, logistics, on-site coordination and evaluation.
Immersive virtual meeting platform built for meetings that matter and the future of hybrid work. Start energising your online meetings now.
Keystrokes provides professional and accurate transcription, translation, subtitling, and related services.
Labroots is the leading scientific social networking website, offering top scientific trending news and premier educational virtual events and webinars.
Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging app for your organization—a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji!
Create webinars, virtual events and personalized content experiences that drive engagement, generate first-party data and deliver revenue growth.
Perfection Events specializes in design, planning and production of meetings and events for corporations, associations, non-profit organizations, and the public sector.
Personalize every experience along the customer journey with the Customer 360. Unify marketing, sales, service, commerce, and IT on the world's #1 CRM.
Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It’s faster, better organized, and more secure than email.
Snapbar reimagines traditional photo services, like photo booths and corporate headshots, for modern events and workplaces.
Swagable is digital swag bag solution for your virtual, hybrid and in-person events. We help you create trackable digital swag bags that build connections with your customers and their communities before, during or after your events. is the next generation online presentation platform that enables organizations to connect, engage and interact with them.
Workflow automation for everyone. Zapier automates your work across 5,000+ app integrations, so you can focus on what matters.

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