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Virtual Event Platform Must-Haves

Chati Team
July 19, 2022

Online events can be comfortable and convenient, but they can also be underwhelming without the right technology. If you’re hosting a virtual event, you don’t want it to be just another Zoom meeting where people listen to a presenter talk. You need a virtual event platform that’s fun and exciting, incorporates a large number of people, and keeps your audience engaged and glued to their screen.

A little background- a virtual event platform is an all-in-one technological tool that helps you give an in-person feel to a large-scale virtual event. It offers a way to organize and streamline your event using a variety of options and features and keeps your audience doing what’s at the heart of these events—socializing and interacting, even if they can’t all meet in person. Some features that virtual event platforms offer are: tools for event registration and ticketing, virtual networking opportunities, games, live streaming, polls, Q&As, and workshops.

Here are Chati’s must-have tips for making sure you’re picking a virtual event platform that makes your event a must-see production.

  • Tip #1: A user-friendly platform. Use an event platform that’s well designed and easy to use. Both your production team and your audience will notice and appreciate high-quality software that is user friendly. The easier the login process and the fewer steps your audience must take to get to the content they want, the better. Also, make sure the platform works well on different devices and offers a mobile app if you think your attendees will need it.
  • Tip #2: Scalable to the audience. Your event platform should have options for virtual events of different sizes. For larger audiences, your virtual event platform should be technologically capable of handling a large number of people at one time. For smaller events, platforms should offer a more intimate setting.
  • Tip #3: The ability to customize options. Who says a virtual event can’t be artsy and inspiring? Choose a platform that lets you customize imagery, colors, videos, and audio in your digital space, giving you more opportunities to market your brand. Customization also helps attract sponsors and exhibitors to your event once they know they can market their brands in unique ways too.
  • Tip #4: Reasonable pricing. Know your budget beforehand because virtual event platforms can vary widely in price. Consider the size of your audience, the length of your event, how high profile it will be, and how much technological support you see yourself needing. Also keep in mind that many virtual platforms require a monthly or annual fee to use. Ask for free trials or demos before committing.
  • Tip #5: Read user reviews. Since virtual event platforms can be a big investment and can influence your reputation, take the time to research reviews so you know you’re getting the right fit. Software review websites can be helpful in getting to know what platforms are out there and what users think.

Knowing what’s important when selecting a virtual event platform can make all the difference in your experience as a virtual event host. Chati is a highly scalable, customizable, and user-friendly virtual event platform with demos available. We organize virtual event features for you so your vision for audience engagement comes to life seamlessly on the screen.

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