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Top 10 Virtual Event Platforms with Virtual Spaces

Laurence Tognetti
March 4, 2024

2023 was a strong year for the virtual event industry as its global market reached an astounding $171.4 billion, with current estimates putting that figure at $889 billion by 2032. This means 2024 is geared to be another critical year for virtual events while benefiting from in-person and hybrid events, as well. One aspect of virtual events that companies have begun embracing is virtual event spaces, which are unique and custom environments designed to provide an extra layer of immersion and engagement for organizers and attendees. Examples of virtual event spaces include virtual offices, breakout rooms, digital meeting rooms, virtual conference rooms, and 3D environments. The advent of virtual spaces will only increase diversity, inclusivity, and connectivity for individuals worldwide. 

1. Chati

Chati Logo

Chati is a pioneering virtual event platform leading the charge into a world of virtual events that engage and captivate event professionals and attendees. Chati has a rich history of creating memorable virtual events on a global scale for attendees of all professional backgrounds and diverse industries, including government, healthcare, academia, finance, and retail. Chati may be new on the scene, but its founders and team have over 20+ years of experience in virtual events.  

The platform supports scalable virtual event spaces for every industry, from sales and marketing to tradeshows and internal virtual team-building sessions.   

Notable Features Include:   

  • Templates and 3D Immersive Spaces  
  • Exhibit Halls  
  • ChatiConnect Video Chat and Chat Networking  
  • Webcasting/Webinars 
  • Engaging Gamification Opportunities  
  • Seamless API Integrations  
  • Access to a Real-Time Analytics & Reporting Dashboard  
  • AI Enhanced Matchmaking  

A key Chati feature is their in-house video chat technology, ChatiConnect. While Chati can easily integrate other video chat options, ChatiConnect enables attendees to engage in seamless video interactions without leaving the event space. This mimics the face-to-face experience that comes with in-person events to foster inclusivity and connectivity within a virtual environment.   

 G2 Reviews for Chati 

"Very robust, easy to use, beautiful platform for education and marketing promotions." - Paul R.  

The virtual layouts for each of the meeting rooms was really impressive. Attendees felt that they were actually participating in an in-person meeting. Moving from "room to room" was very simple and easy to coordinate and integrate. The customer support was a huge plus! Each of our event managers attended every client conference call and worked with the speakers.” - Mark D. 

Elevates the customer experience above just webinars, offering users the option to network and discuss relative topics related to the event in a variety of "rooms". -Amy C. 

"The user experience is immersive and easy to navigate. It promotes interactivity for the attendees. I like all of the different spaces within the event. I like how you could leave the auditorium and view the people who were available in the networking lounge.” - Verified User in Hospital & Health Care 

Chati allowed our virtual attendees to feel like they were actually at the conference with the customizable platform. We were able to have the platform look like the venue we at in-person with some additional added touches of the city within the event.” - KariAnn D. 

2. vFairs

vFairs Logo

vFairs is a G2 #1 rated event management platform hosting in-person, virtual, and hybrid events since 2012. They provide countless features and solutions to meet customer needs, including event customization, world-class customer support, user-friendly setup wizards and demo videos, and much more. vFairs has served over 3.5 million attendees and 100,000 exhibitors across more than 150 industries and 100 countries in numerous languages.  

Notable Features Include:  

  • Personalized Event Websites  
  • Mobile Event App  
  • Virtual Lobbies and Exhibits  
  • Matchmaking Tools   
  • Reporting & Analytics  

vFairs has a history of supporting and promoting virtual experiences for countless industries, including education, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and telecommunications, to name a few. One of their virtual spaces is smart matchmaking, which enhances networking opportunities for hosting companies and attendees. This feature allows attendees to be matched based on their personal and professional interests, enabling them to engage with compatible attendees and enhancing inclusivity and connectivity.  

3. 6Connex

6Connex logo

6Connex has been a trusted partner in creating immersive and impactful virtual experiences, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, for almost 15 years. Along with their events, 6Connex provides solutions for sales & marketing, and human resources that enable companies to showcase their brand, spearhead lead generation, and enhance team-building capabilities. They have accumulated over 20 million hours (about 2281 and a half years) of attendee engagement, more than 100 gamification options, and thousands of venue opportunities to foster inclusivity and connectivity for individuals from all personal and professional backgrounds.  

Notable Features Include:  

  • In-Person Event Management and Apps  
  • Promotion Tools  
  • Video & Webcasting  
  • Multi-language Support  
  • Reporting & Analytics   

One of the virtual spaces of 6Connex is Eventory, which provides companies with the tools and resources for hosting seamless experiences for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. These resources include end-to-end event promotion and management, seamless registration, analytics & reporting, enhanced attendee engagement, and mobile apps.   

4. Hubilo

Hubilo Logo

Hubilo is a leading webinar platform with extensive experience creating immersive and impactful webinars for individuals from many personal and professional backgrounds. This has resulted in countless G2 accolades and awards from other industries. The primary virtual space of Hybilo is Webinar+, designed to drastically improve attendance and engagement across the board while generating leads, improving impact, and fostering connectivity for both companies and attendees.   

Notable Features Include:  

  • One-Click Login  
  • Personalized Emails  
  • Branded Pages  
  • Data Simplification  
  • Automated CRM Tasks  

5. BigMarker

BigMarker Logo

BigMarker is a leading platform that hosts customizable in-person, webinars, virtual, and hybrid events designed to bring people together from all personal and professional backgrounds. They provide solutions to enhance lead generation, create multiple revenue streams, and build community platforms to enhance attendee experiences. One of the primary virtual spaces of BigMarker is Studio, which enables on-demand. These live video experiences can be streamed anywhere worldwide while providing customizable video content, including backgrounds and layouts, sponsor banners, logos, and much more.   

Notable Features Include:  

  • Streamlined Registration  
  • Customizable Events  
  • Event Monetization   
  • Community Platforms  
  • Custom Live Video  

6. Webex Events

WebEx Events

Webex Events (formerly known as SOCIO) is a leading platform that hosts in-person, virtual, and hybrid events while providing end-to-end event management, flexibility, and personalization designed to meet attendee engagement needs. This includes seamless registration, onsite solutions, and mobile apps, enhancing participants' experiences and connectivity. Webex Events has a rich history of providing several experiences, including conferences, trade shows, and internal events for healthcare, government, technology, and many other industries. One of the primary virtual spaces of Webex Events is Production Studio, which offers companies live streaming capabilities, personalized branding, flexibility, and first-class event production.   

Notable Features Include:  

  • Badge Printing   
  • Mobile Event App  
  • Live Streaming  
  • Gamification  
  • Content Widgets  

7. Airmeet

AirMeet Logo

Airmeet is a trusted platform founded in 2019 that hosts virtual conferences, webinars, and hybrid events designed to meet the needs of more than 4,000 companies by creating appealing content to enhance engagement and connectivity for individuals worldwide. Their events enable company kickoffs and brand growth while increasing diversity and inclusivity and fostering lasting connections. One of their key features is the Event Experience Cloud, which offers customers an enhanced pipeline and improved sales through exceptional and personalized webinars and events. This includes attendee metrics, mobile app experiences, zestful videos, and more.  

Notable Features Include:  

  • Personalized Themes  
  • Email Services  
  • Stage Backdrops  
  • Immersive Videos  
  • Custom 3D Layout  

8. Whova

Whova Logo

Whova is an award-winning platform that hosts in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for government, academia, and festivals, resulting in over 30,000 in-person events, over 9,000 virtual events, and over 5,000 hybrid events. Their personalized and seamless experiences provide companies the tools and resources to create immersive and impactful events, including seamless audience engagement, mobile brochures, livestreams, accessibility on several devices, and real-time analytics.   

Notable Features Include:  

  • Mobile Event App  
  • Fast and Dedicated Customer Support  
  • Mobile Brochures  
  • Email Campaigns  
  • Ticketing Management  

9. RingCentral Events

Ring Central Events Logo

RingCentral Events (formerly Hopin Events) is a trusted platform that prides itself on using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance in-person, virtual, and hybrid event experiences. They provide solutions for many audiences, including enterprise communications, small businesses, startups, and frontline workers for academia, industry, and other professional services. One of their primary virtual spaces is RingCentral Rooms, which provide seamless connectivity for both in-person and remote teams regardless of their geographic location. Additionally, RingCentral Rooms offer top-grade security, closed captions, and analytics, which keeps things simple and personalized.  

Notable Features Include:  

  • RingCX  
  • AI-Generated Clips  
  • Attendee Management  
  • Multi-Session Events  
  • Streamlined Check-Ins & Easy Access  

10. Zoom Events

Zoom Events Logo

Zoom Events provides services for virtual and hybrid events designed to magnify attendee engagement and overall experiences. With their myriad of tools and resources, including a production studio, mobile app, expo floor, and video on demand, customers can create innovative and impactful events that will help improve diversity, inclusivity, and connectivity for individuals worldwide. One of the primary virtual spaces of Zoom Events is Zoom One, which provides many tools to enhance online experiences, including virtual coworking spaces, online whiteboards, conference room systems, single-session events, and much more.   

Notable Features Include:  

  • Appointment Scheduler  
  • Video Recording  
  • Team Chat  
  • Zoom One  
  • Workvivo 

For more information on how Chati can elevate your next virtual event, book a no-pressure demo with one of our team members! 

Written by Laurence Tognetti

Laurence Tognetti is a six-year USAF Veteran with extensive journalism and science communication experience for various outlets. He specializes in space and astronomy and is the author of “Outer Solar System Moons: Your Personal 3D Journey”. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ET_Exists.

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