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FAQs about Virtual Events  

Laurence Tognetti
March 25, 2024


Virtual events have helped thousands, if not millions, of people from around the world engage and connect in fun and interactive ways. While virtual events have been around for years, they are still new for a lot of people, so we've pulled together our most frequently asked questions into one place to help figure out if a virtual event is right for you. These address some of the most basic questions pertaining to virtual events, including the purpose of virtual events, cost, interactivity and engagement, watching it live or recorded, and engaging with attendees after the event. We are confident you will walk away from this FAQ list prepared for your first, or next, virtual event, which you can use to help others, as well.

What are Virtual Events?

Virtual events aim to provide the same level of engagement and connectivity as in-person events without the need for significant travel and lodging costs. They help break down geographic barriers by enabling individuals from all over the world to share ideas and knowledge, which only increases diversity, inclusivity, and connectivity for everyone.   

What are the benefits of attending a virtual event compared to an in-person one?

Virtual events offer many benefits compared to in-person events, including cost-savings, logistical streamlining for event organizers and attendees, and significant reductions in carbon footprints from decreased travel and resources. Additionally, virtual events are excellent ways for individuals with limited mobility or unfortunate health conditions to attend while still getting the same engagement levels as they would in person.  

Is there a cost to attend the virtual event?

The cost depends on the company hosting the virtual event. Larger companies typically charge registration fees, while smaller companies offer their virtual events for free; you only need to register with your email address.   

Will the virtual event be recorded for later viewing?

Virtual events take great pride in saving their talks and sessions for on-demand viewing by anyone later. This enables those who could not attend the virtual event to access vital information that could help them achieve their networking goals.   

What types of sessions or activities will be available during the virtual event?

Virtual events offer many sessions and activities, including multiple talks with live Q&A, chat rooms, 3D spaces, exhibit halls, panel discussions, and more. These sessions and activities aim to foster engagement and connectivity with individuals from all over the world and all professional backgrounds.   

Are there any interactive elements, such as Q&A sessions or polls?

Virtual events have many interactive elements, including gamification, live sessions, polls, Q&A sessions, breakout rooms, etc. These elements can be personalized for event organizers and attendees while providing the same engagement and connectivity level.   

Are there any specific requirements or guidelines for participation in the virtual event?

The only requirement for attending virtual events is to bring a sense of excitement and curiosity, as virtual events provide an opportunity for individuals from all over the world to collaborate and innovate on the latest research, news, and ideas with the goal of fostering connections and increasing diversity, inclusivity, and connectivity.   

Will there be exhibitors or sponsors present at the virtual event?

Exhibitors and sponsors are the cornerstones of virtual events, as they provide excellent networking opportunities for event organizers and attendees worldwide. Additionally, sponsorships provide virtual events with an extra level of engagement through gamification, workshops, and breakout rooms.   

How can I connect with other attendees or participants outside the virtual event platform?

Connecting with other attendees is why virtual events exist, and we encourage you to use social media or email to continue these connections. However, getting permission from them during the event is always good before reaching out to them outside of the event, which helps build a more positive rapport. 

How long will the virtual event last?

The duration of virtual events ranges from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the event and how many talks/sessions are on the agenda. These agendas are typically put together months in advance, if not much longer, and event organizers provide event agendas several weeks before the virtual event to allow attendees to prepare and collaborate beforehand.   

Written by Laurence Tognetti

Laurence Tognetti is a six-year USAF Veteran with extensive journalism and science communication experience for various outlets. He specializes in space and astronomy and is the author of “Outer Solar System Moons: Your Personal 3D Journey”. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ET_Exists.

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