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10 Virtual Event Ideas for your Next Company Meeting

Chati Team
April 28, 2022

Virtual events are becoming increasingly common. Though virtual events were a sudden necessity at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is starting to see them as a more permanent fixture.

But even though virtual events are here to stay, they pose new, exciting challenges for how to effectively engage attendees, communicate critical event information, and encourage networking.

At the end of the day, though, engagement is the name of the game. If you’re in the process of planning an event, here are ten virtual event ideas to help make yours engaging and successful.

1. Q & A’s and polls during meetings

It’s often hard to gauge participant engagement during a virtual meeting or to even give people the opportunity to ask questions. Visual cues are often missing to indicate someone has something to say. Q & A’s, moderated through a chat feature, can give people a place to ask their questions. It even gives attendees who are a bit shyer an option to engage. Similarly, polls give people an easy way to respond to speaker questions and stay engaged.

2. One-to-one interaction

Creating space for people to meet one-on-one can be a challenge in a large digital space. At an in-person event, people can talk and network fluidly on a one-to-one basis. To help facilitate this interaction virtually, allow attendees to schedule meetings with individual speakers -or vendors- to carve out space for these crucial interactions.

3. Communal engagement spaces and breakouts

Conversely, the opportunity to engage in larger group formats can also lead to generative discussion and networking. Make sure that you facilitate breakout sessions that allow attendees to network in groups at your next event.

4. Offer a range of content options

People appreciate flexibility, and a virtual conference, perhaps uniquely, allows for this. For your next event, provide attendees the option of attending live events and watching on-demand recordings and content on their own time. 

5. Schedule meetings that accommodate time zone differences

Unlike geographically fixed events, virtual events allow people from around the globe to attend and participate. As a result, consider scheduling meetings to accommodate different time zones present at your event.

6. Gamify!

Games are fun and can be an incredibly effective way to keep attendees engaged, particularly when prizes or rewards are involved. Consider incorporating games into your next virtual meeting to keep attendees active; a game can be something as simple as providing prizes for attendees who network with a certain number of other attendees, sponsors, or vendors.

7. Find unique speakers

The content you provide during a virtual conference is key–and what better way to provide eye-catching, quality content than with a speaker that your attendees are sure to find interesting. Consider looking at speakers that you might not have been able to get for an in-person event—many of the logistics and costs associated with in-person events might make it easier for a speaker to attend a virtual event.

8. Create event registration “categories” that cater to different interests

Everyone who attends a conference has something they’re hoping to get out of it, and these interests vary. Creating different types of registration based on what kinds of events an attendee may be interested in could attract more attendees and keep them engaged.

This approach also enables you to develop targeted marketing content, ensuring that a recipient is receiving something relevant and interesting to them.

9. Make event content available on-demand after the event

When you leave an in-person event, the only thing you can take with you is your notes from meetings and impressions. With virtual events, meetings themselves can be recorded and viewed later. Make content available for a limited time, though, to increase demand.

10. Rest, relaxation, and something fun!

Not everything about your next event needs to be all business - people need a break, after all! For your next virtual event, consider ways to incorporate unique entertainment options, such as a comedy show or musical performance.

While there are so many other virtual event ideas out there, this list should give you a starting place to make your next event engaging for attendees and an overall success.

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