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10 Virtual Booth Ideas

Chati Team
October 18, 2022

Curating your virtual booth to be fun and engaging will make your sponsorship memorable and generate genuine discussion surrounding your products and services. Here are some ideas for unique virtual booths to bring your A-game to your next virtual event: 

1. Important announcement

If your brand has a new development, piece of technology, or merger, wait for the upcoming virtual event to announce it. Attendees will feel like they’re “in the know,” which will bolster engagement with your brand. Saving important announcements for significant events will generate social media buzz as attendees discuss the event in real-time. 

2. Board game inspired

Have fun with your virtual booth by theming it after a board game. From a “Scrabble” themed booth where attendees compete to create words relevant to the event to a “Monopoly” themed booth where attendees collect a prize after passing go, the possibilities are limitless. 

3. History lesson

Use the theme of the virtual event to create a custom-tailored history lesson. For a virtual event related to the hospitality industry, this could be a fun informational session about the history of winemaking. For a tech conference, this could be a history lesson about social media. Attendees will have the chance to learn something new while engaging with your brand. 

4. Gameshow

Gameshow formats are endlessly customizable for a virtual booth. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are exciting themes for your virtual. Just don’t forget to include prizes for the winners (these could consist of a virtual gift card or branded swag sent to their home address). 

5. Technology demonstration

Tech brands can use a virtual booth to demonstrate their technology in real-time. This allows  booth attendees to become familiar with your brand, ask questions, and see a real-life example of how your services are used. 

6. Consulting session

A consulting session can be an effective way of making sales directly from a virtual booth. Participants can provide real examples of problems or data from their business, and your brand representative can provide real solutions. 

7. Q&A

A Q&A virtual booth is a good option for brands where attendees might have some background knowledge about the brand but are not entirely familiar with your offerings and how the product works. This format allows attendees to increase brand recognition and think about ways they might interact with your brand offerings. 

8. Virtual reality

Many people are excited to interact with virtual reality and have had few opportunities to do so. Having a virtual reality component in your virtual booth could draw participants who might be familiar with your brand or offerings. 

9. Professional development

Design a virtual booth that gives attendees information relevant to the success of their careers. This could be a lesson about writing an eye-catching resume and CV or how to make your Linkedin profile pop. This information can be presented by a brand representative but should come from someone in the know about hiring and recruiting. 

10. Trivia

If you expect your attendees to know lots of information about your brand before coming to your booth, you can use information about your brand as trivia questions. If not, use questions relevant to the virtual event and sprinkle in fun facts about your brand. 

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