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Labroots Virtual Event Series

A Chati Virtual Event Case Study

Through fine-tuning scientific virtual conferences since 2008, Labroots invites world-renowned experts, chosen by event committee members, to present their latest research at Labroots Virtual Events throughout the calendar year. These events are free of cost to Labroots users, and act as an interactive virtual space that attendees can gather to discuss the topic at hand.
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CRISPR 2021, What Made it Special?

The Auditorium
Jam packed with live presentations the day of the event, the auditorium offered various presentations on CRISPR-based editing, next-gen editing tools, precision in gene editing, and more. Featuring the Keynote and Panel Presentations, the talks can now be viewed on demand. Upon entering a presentation found in the auditorium, attendees were able to engage with colleagues through an interactive chat component, and submit questions directly to the speaker.
The Networking Lounge
The networking lounge acted as an area of the event where attendees could go relax, mingle, or even continue the conversation on the presentations they had just viewed.

This area of the event environment also incorporated a photo booth where you
could take a selfie, Spatial.Chat (an extremely interactive networking tool with different rooms), and a social media wall to stay up-to-date on the happenings for this event, and upcoming Labroots Virtual Events.
The Poster Hall
The poster hall allowed poster authors to share their work to a global audience in a truly interactive and engaging setting. Collected through the Labroots platform, all posters are branded with author contact information. During the live event on September 29th, CRISPR attendees could even chat with authors directly on their poster!
The Labroots Store
All of Labroots Virtual Events have an event room where you can see the Science Store’s latest products. Often with a hidden coupon code, this room of the event is definitely worth visiting.

A unique opportunity to be a part of Labroots users’ virtual experience

The Exhibit Hall
The virtual exhibit hall is a room companies are able to showcase anything they want that is relevant to the event’s topic. CRISPR featured eight different company booths, all unique in their own way, but all increasing awareness of their brand.
Exhibitor Booths
Having a company exhibitor booth at one of Labroots Virtual Events is a unique opportunity to be seen from a global audience. With companies able to display their products, offer chat sessions with reps, and market their brand to a tailored audience, there’s no cap to the available customizations of these booths.

Exhibitor - Genescript Biotech

Genscript Biotech Corporation had a booth in CRISPR’s exhibitor hall. Their booth had their catalog products displayed, an “About Us” section to increase brand awareness, a rep eager to chat, and more. Genscript was happy with their booth in CRISPR, and deemed it a success in their book.
Exhibitor Booths Include
  1. Rep chat options
  2. Two call to actions of your choice
  3. An informational kiosk
  4. Company social media handles
  5. Three screens
  6. A welcome video
Each exhibitor booth is adapted in custom colors to match your company. These booths are completely customizable, and are not limited to the options above. Clients are even able to work directly with our creative team to build the booth from scratch.
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Genescript BoothBooth Features

CRISPR 2021, Another Successful Labroots Virtual Event

As the world’s largest producer of life sciences virtual events, Labroots is excited to continuously host virtual events on topics that our users care about. Jam packed with opportunities to advertise your company, Labroots will not let you down.
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"It seems to be another successful event, and it’s always a pleasure working with Labroots."
Tiffany Pan
NA Regional Marketing Specialist

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