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How Chati Exceeded Lead Generation Expectations for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) 2021
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Introduction: What is a Virtual Event?

Hosting A Virtual Event

In today’s day and age, it’s imperative to get on the virtual bandwagon! It’s the wave of the future, and the best way to expand your company’s brand awareness. Hosting a custom virtual event with Chati is the whole package. Tell us your goal, and we will help you crush it. Is it product sales? Attendee engagement? Lead generation? Thermo Fisher came to us with an idea, and together we executed one of our most unique events to date.
When we say custom, we mean custom. The list of features and app integrations that you can include in your Chati virtual event are endless, but let’s start with the basics. Each custom virtual event is hosted on a powerful virtual platform in HTML5 and fully supported on all mobile devices. We work closely with your team to ensure event branding, design, and feel are exactly to your liking. Chati offers a variety of templates to help get you started designing your company’s virtual experience, but our inhouse design team can also take your vision and make it come to life. You’ll soon see how Thermo Fisher took advantage of this, creating a virtual space for their HIDS 2021 event unlike anything they’d ever seen.

It takes a village to go virtual, let Chati help you make your virtual event an interactive experience.

The experience starts with your own microsite and registration page housed on the Chati website, from here, we walk with you in designing your event space with features such as event lobbies, auditoriums, virtual learning interactive labs, poster halls, and networking lounges, just to name a few. Whether you’re trying to emulate a physical trade show experience, a company event, a national sales or executive meeting, or showcase your products and technologies, explore the feature list below to help visualize your future virtual event. Chati already brings the scientific world together online. The next step? Producing a Custom Virtual Event on our platform to create a tailored experience that your registrants will not forget.
Now, let’s dive into HIDS 2021.

Tell Us Your Vision: Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Goals

Thermo Fisher came to us with a vision.
The HIDS Conference truly celebrates heroes in criminal justice, allowing interaction and collaboration with individuals in the community orldwide. An event unlike anything Chati has produced before, we wanted to get clear on our client’s goals.
1. Lead generation
2. Simple event navigation & approachable design
3. Optimal user experience
One of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s main event goals was to generate leads, and we helped make that happen. Through defining what was considered a lead to them, we were able to structure the event in a way that encouraged users to visit the demo room. To not give away too much information about Thermo Fisher’s three products, we used simple product icons. Attendees had to click on the demo or product buttons to learn more.
Thermo Fisher wanted attendees to move between three channels (Unite, Forensic Lab, Law Enforcement) easily. The DJ set and presentations were static, and attendees could maximize to fit their screen, optimizing viewing. With the theme, “Unite-together, we find the truth,” and the vision of an extremely engaging, approachable look, HIDS 2021 came together seamlessly.
Regardless of where attendees found themselves in the event, value could be gained. Thermo Fisher wanted every single attendee to have a unique experience that truly blew them away.

An Experience Unlike Any Other: What Made HIDS 2021 So Unique?

Thermo Fisher Scientific approached Chati in hopes of creating a virtual experience unlike any other for their Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) 2021 Conference. They wanted leads, and we helped make that happen. With twenty-one hours of content that streamed live from all over the world, it incorporated hybrid event components. You’ll soon see why the most leads of any Thermo Fisher event to date were generated.

Here’s what we came up with:

This event was unlike anything Chati has ever produced. We got very creative to ensure our client’s goals were met, while providing the most interactive, engaging experience possible for attendees.
Thermo Fisher wanted each individual attendee to be able to tailor the event based on their interests. The event’s custom-built agenda allowed a customized program to be downloaded, unique to each attendee.
Consistency and simplicity were key for this event. Thermo Fisher wanted a seamless transition from the event’s microsite (where registration occurs) to the event’s interactive venue. The attendees had no idea that they were moving from one to the other!
Thermo Fisher did not want virtual rooms (which the majority of Chati’ virtual events have). They wanted the entire event to look like a webpage, offering a sleek, clean look.
A demo room was created to display three of Thermo Fisher’s products in an appealing, and sleek way. The demo room showed 3 product icons that intrigued attendees to explore the technology demonstrations further. Each of the product icons had “Join now” buttons underneath. 

The demos themselves were not offered on demand, as an effort to protect product privacy from Thermo Fishers’ competitors. This section of the event offered closed captioning in nineteen different languages, making it accessible to all who were interested.
As a global conference, language translation was a must. We incorporated a real-time language translation functionality that offered verbal translations and subtitles!
Spatial.Chat is an app integration that allowed attendees to enter various breakout sessions based on their geographic region. It increased networking, and offered a fun way to keep the conversations going (happy hour room, music rooms, product learning, etc.).
Thermo Fisher provided printable illustrations to act as an attention-grabber during the presentations.
Thermo Fisher added quirky videos to their event that acted as a creative way to help navigation.
To add a layer of excitement, we incorporated a photobooth. Yes, you heard that right! Attendees could snap selfies with a custom HIDS background.
Prompted to take an in-event survey, we created a custom code that allowed those who took the survey to receive a special certification. Incentivizing works!
Thermo Fisher did not want to forget about their partners! This area of the event was created to highlight the partners, and provide an information card to attendees.

And much more!

Lead Generation: How We Did It

Leads, leads, and more leads!

Lead generation was an absolute must for Thermo Fisher while hosting this event. While it provided an interactive, engaging event for all attendees, generating leads was a goal that was at the forefront of our minds while putting the event together.

To start, we had to ask Thermo Fisher what they considered a lead on their end. Was it having attendees fill out a specific form, or maybe having them download a product PDF? Thermo Fisher decided that if an attendee clicked on the demo or product buttons, it would be considered a strong lead on their end.
Once we had a clear understanding of what Thermo Fisher considered a lead on their end, we could put in the work on our end. Collectively, we decided that a sleek and simple design would yield the most amount of clicks. We didn’t want to give away too much product information upfront, so we decided that simple product icons would be the way to go. Each icon had a “Join now” button directly underneath that would lead attendees to technology demonstrations. Offering Zoom calls by region, and closed captioning in nineteen different languages, Thermo Fisher’s demo page appealed to people from all over the world.
From the simplistic icon-driven design, various CTAs, to the inclusion of nineteen different languages, the clicks came in effortlessly.
We provide live data tracking for virtual environment clicks, allowing for in-depth information on each lead, and more. This real-time ROI tracking gave Thermo Fisher the ability to easily measure their event’s success.

The clicks resulted in 3,724 demo views, or in other words,

0 direct leads

for Thermo Fisher.

What’s to Come? Virtual & Hybrid Events

Endless Opportunities:

Hosting a virtual or hybrid event with Chati is the next step in making your vision a reality. Completely customizable down to the tiniest of details, your virtual event will provide your attendees with an experience that they’ve never had before.

Interested in combining physical event and virtual event capabilities? Hosting a hybrid event with Chati can help you do this. With endless options available, we can help you combine physical attendees, booths, and presentations with virtual audiences, posters, webinars and more.

If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that a virtual event presence, no matter the extent, is equally as valuable to event organizers.
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