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27th Annual
CODIS Conference

A Chati Custom Virtual Event Case Study

Originally intended to occur in Hawaii, the Annual CODIS Conference decided to go virtual for their 27th year. Hosted virtually the prior year, the team at Chati was excited to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation again. Jam packed with product trainings, success stories, demos, and more, this private event truly encompassed how uniquely custom an event can get with Chati.

Typically having about 400-500 attendees at the in-person conference, it was exciting to see that 1,800 registered for the virtual version of the conference. By tripling worldwide reach, the Annual CODIS Conference was able to hit an international audience they never have been able to before!
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Welcome Video from CODIS Virtual Event

A Welcome Greeting Like No Other,
and a Hawaiian Oasis from your Desktop

Upon entering the conference, attendees were welcomed with a unique greeting. Richard Wilson, Head of CODIS Division of the FBI, and Eric Pokorak, Unit Chief - Mitochondrial DNA Unit at FBI, kicked off a welcoming message that got people excited for what the event had to offer! With Richard Wilson as the conference’s gamification icon, it added to the fun as attendees attempted to win swag.
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Entitlement, Screening, and a Strong Code of Conduct

When it came to privacy, the FBI requested it all (as you could imagine!). Registration (about 35 form fields) was handled through the FBI’s website, to ensure confidentiality and privacy. A ‘Code of Conduct’ was prominent in nearly every room. Every person who entered, had to be screened thoroughly. It was made clear early on that there were many things in this event that were only meant for certain eyes. Chati took every precaution to ensure individual
attendees could only see content they  were authorized to view.
Chati not only generated a unique passcode for each email address, but also dove into a wide range of entitlement that was prominent through the entire event. With a total of 16 instances of Entitlement, the emphasis on privacy was at the forefront of Chati’s mind at all times.

What Attendees See

By utilizing Chati's entitlement feature, Agents were permitted to see content based on their level of clearance.

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CODIS Lounge

Networking in a Hawaiian Paradise

With a seamless incorporation of Spatial.Chat, the CODIS Conference was able to transport attendees to the various islands of Hawaii for a virtual taste of paradise. With 5 rooms beautifully representing different islands (Big Island, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Molakai), attendees could enjoy the sounds of waves and relaxing music as they network with others.

Aside from the gorgeous views in each room, the Department Chiefs of States conducted and initiated  conversations with attendees. The Networking Lounge was truly an interactive experience, on all levels.
Maui Networking Room

The On-Demand Demo Room

With surfboards directly outside of the ondemand demo room, this Hawaiian-themed space provided an area for 2 days of CODIS Software Demos to take place. Utilizing Chatis supplied Microsoft Teams links, this room was a hit! The CODIS Conference also provided attendees with a request poll, allowing them to choose a top 3 (out of 10) to demo, making the event even more interactive.
Daily Sopftware Demo Room
On-Demand Sopftware Demo Room

Same Place, Same Time

Retirees Special RecognitionThe CODIS team wanted everyone to be in the same place, at the same time. For that reason, no presentations ran concurrently. The auditorium was open to everyone, and it offered a place for attendees to view sessions and engage in a Q&A. With 131 questions asked, these sessions got people thinking. From the auditorium and the other event rooms, attendees could navigate to an area displaying multiple CODIS success stories (40-50 years old that were solved using the software). Aside from the highlighted success stories, the conference also highlighted 2 retirees (in the lobby and lounge), with their parting words to attendees.

Another Successful Year

With another successful CODIS Conference in the books, Chati was excited to meet all of the event’s entitlement requirements, while maintaining a Hawaiian theme throughout. Although originally intended to occur in person, the event’s virtual reach speaks for itself. From certifications to success stories, CODIS truly showed how custom an event can get. Hear the answer from Lisa Grossweiler and Richard Wilson, Head of CODIS Division of the FBI.
“I want to thank Chati for our support in the studio as we are managing through all our presentations.”
Lisa Crossweiler
“A huge thank you to Chati, especially Heather, Irael, and Brett. You never saw these guys, but they were in the live studio trying to make everything happen. So, a huge thank you to everyone.”
Richard Wilson

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