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Post-Event Emails - All You Need to Know

Chati Team
January 10, 2023

A post-event email provides an opportunity to contact event attendees, provide them with helpful information, and continue their engagement. Here are some elements of a successful post-event email: 

An engaging subject line

The email subject line is the first thing the recipient sees when they receive the email. A good subject line should grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to open the email to learn more. A subject line that is vague or unrelated to the content of the email may discourage the recipient from opening the email or even land the email in the recipient’s spam folder. 

An engaging subject line should be to the point and clearly communicate the purpose of the email. It should also be relevant to the recipient and speak to their interests or needs. Still, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Here are some examples of simple yet effective subject lines for your post-event email: 

  • Thank you for attending [event name]!
  • [Event name] follow-up: presentations and resources
  • Save the date: our next event is coming soon
  • Missed the event? Catch up with our event highlights
  • Your feedback is important to us—take our post-event survey

Recap the event

Provide attendees with a recap of the event to refresh their memory. At a large event with multiple talks or breakout rooms, not every attendee will have had the chance to see everything. Your event recap should be brief and exciting. Include key highlights and any important announcements made during the event. If there were any technological snafus during your event, this could be a good opportunity to insert some humor into your email. Recipients will appreciate your honesty. 

Follow-up on information or materials promised during the event

A post-event email is a perfect place to provide additional information. This might include presentations or handouts, depending on what the event covered. This email is also a great place to share materials from the event, such as photos or recorded talks.

Providing additional materials to event attendees can make them feel like they’re receiving a special perk, making them more likely to attend future events. Encourage them to utilize the information or materials you send for their professional needs. 

Contact information 

Provide event attendees with contact information in case they need further assistance or have any questions. It sounds simple, but it can lead to closer relationships with event attendees or even new sponsorships for your event. 

Call to action 

If you’re using a post-event email to ask something from your audience, make sure this is clear to your audience to maximize participation. Some call-to-action ideas include: 

  • Asking participants to fill out a post-event survey and share their feedback
  • Asking participants to send in photos or videos of the event for social media
  • Asking participants to register for future events

A thank you message

Thank your attendees, sponsors, and any other stakeholders who were involved in the event. Overall, the tone of the thank you message should be warm, sincere, and convey your gratitude for their support and participation.

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